About Us

Insite Performance Coaching

At InSite Performance Coaching Ltd. we are passionate about helping values-based leaders live their dreams. In fact, in our business LTD stand for Living The Dream, because we believe in your vision and your business, and we want to help you help more people by growing and scaling your business. We do this through business coaching, either one-on-one with the owner(s), or as a combination of private and group coaching with your entire executive team. We also specialize in leadership development for the next wave of movers and shakers, and motivational speaking on our key areas of expertise. What are they? Corporately we specialize in leadership, culture, strategy and differentiation; while in one-on-one coaching and in our speaking engagements we tackle these categories as well as goal setting, strategic planning, time management and organization, and personal success strategies and tools.

Our passionate coaches are all here for one reason – to make the world a better place. We do this by enhancing the businesses within our community, expanding their positive reach, and organizing philanthropic activities and giving back to charity.


What we do is simple.

We help values-based leaders sleep better at night while making more money and helping more people. We do that by connecting every aspect of what you do, from inventory to marketing to your onboarding processes
– to your purpose, and to how you can separate yourself from everybody else.
Why is this important to us? This is our purpose. We are here to make this planet a better place by helping people in as many ways as we can, and by changing the face of business. We believe in coaching, empowering, and helping as many values-based leaders as we can, because our world would be a better place with more leaders who can be both conscientious and strategic.
You started your business or your career for a reason, and we are here to ignite infinite possibility and tangible results to help you change your world for the better. Values-based leaders, people like you, deserve to win. We are here to coach people like you to success, sustainability, and the satisfaction of living your dreams and helping others live theirs.
This is our passion, our calling. Let us help you live your dreams!

Who are we?

We are passionate coaches and entrepreneurs who have been in your shoes or shoes like yours, so our insights and our advice is grounded in theory, real-world experience, and from understanding the pressure, stress, joy, and pain you feel every day.

InSite was founded in 2015 by Stan Peake. Stan spent 18 years as a fitness professional, through which time he started his first business (at 21), led 9 different teams, and bought into a fitness and health company that went through a merger into a medical, health, and wellness organization. Stan credits these years as being the formative basis of his business education, wherein budgeting, strategic planning, leadership, and culture broadened his experience from fitness coaching and training. Stan’s education background after his fitness education at Mount Royal University and University of Calgary includes a 6-month graduate program in values-based leadership at Royal Roads University, and a Sales Leadership program at Queens University.

In Stan’s own words, “I am a passionate family man who has a dream of making the world a better place. I coach and inspire others to live a more exciting and more fulfilling life in the process. I have been a coach in many forms over my career from football player & captain to football coach to fitness professional to business and performance coach. My gifts are insight, the ability to lead and inspire, and helping connect challenges and opportunities to strategy and structure. My greatest gift is to connect leaders to their purpose, and from there to their greatest gifts that flow from their purpose.”

Our Core Values are:

Livin’ the Dream:

Life’s too short not to be doing what you love, and it’s too long to be unhappy. We believe it’s better to be scared & uncomfortable passionately chasing your dream than it is to be comfortable but not fulfilled. In fact, we named it InSite Performance Coaching LTD rather than Inc. because to us, LTD stands for Livin’ The Dream!

Shared ownership:

We get that this is a mutual venture. We invest in your business like it’s ours; we feel your pain and your joy, and we only win through your success.


We do what we say; we live our word. And we will hold you accountable to your end of the bargain to ENSURE you see results!


The better we get, the better you get. Knowledge, wisdom, experience, health; we are constantly “getting after it”.

DTRT (Do The Right Thing):

Act with integrity; be able to look yourself in the mirror. Give back to those less fortunate, take care of Mother Nature.

Meet The Team

Entrepreneur by nature, coach by trade, catalyst by approach; Stan Peake lives to help values-based leaders discover and live up to their potential.

With entrepreneurial expertise spanning 4 businesses in 3 industries over 15 years; and 16 years of leadership and executive management experience, Stan gets business, and he gets entrepreneurs.