Can we help you?

That should be one of the first questions you ask us, and the best way we can answer is by offering a few testimonials.

I had been searching for an Executive Coach for a couple of years before I found Stan.  There were a lot of individuals holding themselves out as Executive Coaches but it was difficult to tell who had the skill, experience and fit that would be right for me.  Luckily, when my frustration was starting to mount, a friend introduced me to Stan.  Through the six months we worked together, Stan helped me overcome long-standing roadblocks, more fully understand my strengths and challenges, build a workable action plan and increase the tools I had available to achieve my goals.  If you are looking for a Coach that will build personalized sessions to meet your objectives, I highly recommend Stan.

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“The feedback was fantastic. What you said really resonated with people and they enjoyed you style and anecdotes. I think your message fits so well with our companies message that it reinforced what they have been taught, it came from a different source and a different perspective which made it all the more meaningful. I asked people if they’d like more of what we did yesterday and it was an resounding “absolutely”. A number of people asked for your slide deck. No question people left yesterday feeling energized. Thank you so much for doing this.”

“Stan Peake leads by example and from a place of values and integrity! While I have learned many great techniques and strategic tools in a short amount of time, the main takeaway so far is to focus on the foundation, i.e. values, mindset, core message, etc. I highly recommend Stan, he is much more than a regular coach, he is a big brother and an inspiration to me!”


“I started working with Stan a few months ago and I really appreciate his refreshing approach to business coaching. I have worked with a couple coaches in the past and I did not see near the results I am experiencing now. Stan has a unique ability to read his client. He gets to the point and really helps to focus in on what is important for growth. Some of his feedback can be tough to hear at times but it always comes from a place of genuine care and wanting to help me succeed. I love his quote about being “comfortably uncomfortable” in business!

Since working with Stan, I feel more confident in my leadership and empowered with my decisions. I look forward to every meeting and I am so excited to see where 2017 takes us!”


“My first session with Stan was incredible. Within the first hour, it’s possible that he’s paid for himself for several months worth of coaching. Just one small tweak to one of my existing processes will create urgency for my customers to reach out to me, instead of me having to follow up with them. This one little suggestion ‘checked a lot of boxes’ on my list of challenges, and I just know in my head and heart that it will be a game-changer. That’s probably the best way to describe InSite – Stan is a Game Changer.”


“After working with Stan for only 3 months the value and benefit his work has given me is priceless. As an alternative health practitioner and teacher my work demands that I use parts of my brain that does not lend itself well to business development. Prior to working with Stan I felt intimidated by entering the world of business, especially because my work is not mainstream. Stan came into our initial meetings with a very open mind and I could tell that the whole time he was formulating how to approach my work from a business perspective. What Stan didn’t do was take his tried and true methods and make me fit into his box; what he did was take his tools and reposition them in a way that he helped me bridge the gap. At no point did I feel I had to sacrifice any part of who I was or what I wanted to achieve. In fact it was the opposite, he highlighted my purpose and became committed to it. He helped me reignite my excitement and let go of the daunting feelings I had regarding building my business. He showed me that my excitement about my work and my business approach are easily united. From this my confidence and focus has gone through the roof. My business outlook is beyond my expectations and the pieces are sliding into place. In a nut shell, Stan showed me how to take control of my business so that my fears wouldn’t take control of me.”


“Stan Peake delivered a wonderfully inspiring presentation to my undergraduate students, genuinely sharing of himself, providing motivational secrets and deeply moving stories of personal challenge and success. His speaking resonated with every individual in the room- he is capable of getting each person to ask themselves the hard questions whilst motivating them to become the best version of themselves. I was moved by his words, his passion for people, and his genuine leadership.”


“Before my coaching session with Stan… I let the recession become an excuse for me to quit and give up on my business just when we started to feel the financial pinch. Feeling completely hopeless, in a crucial meeting with my entire leadership team I gave the message that we could potentially close our doors if something big doesn’t happen, and out of desperation I needed their help to turn things around. Fast forward the week after that meeting, Stan helped me show up as the hope and inspiration my team needed in the middle of the worst recession we’ve been through. Stan coached me to understand how big of an impact I am as a leader to my organization and to remember the why behind what we do and what we are to clients, community and team. He helped me create the possibility of not only succeeding but blowing this recession out of the water by empowering my team to achieve greatness. My entire team left that meeting revitalized, energized and ready to conquer the rough waters. Thank you Stan for coaching me back to my place of strength, perseverance and empowerment.”

“Stan has helped me grow my business financially when we focused and set goals for one particular segment of the business, within 60 days we hit the sales target.”