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Business Coaching

A good business coach can help you grow & scale, and even sell your business. Our approach is to uncover why you started your business in the first place, and how this connects to the very purpose of your life. We dig deep enough to find your compelling ‘why’, and then provide you with effective, proven tools to enhance your business. Through this approach, we specialize in culture, strategy, leadership, business intelligence, and financial performance. In short, we help enhance your commitment to your goals while improving the performance of your business, and your leadership.

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Leadership Development

It’s long been argued whether leaders are born or ‘made’. Whether you are a ‘natural leader’, or someone who has been stretched through business and career growth, we can help you in your journey to become the best leader you can be. Our team has vast experience in development and deployment of leadership development programs, as well as decades of leadership and ownership experience to draw from. Depending on your unique needs, we have an array of tools to identify your leadership strengths and ‘blind spots’, as well as methods to grow your leadership presence and effectiveness. At InSite we know there is a vast difference between ‘leader’ and ‘boss’, and we are driven to empower the world with more great leaders!

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Corporate Facilitation

Planning a corporate team builder but not sure if what you’ve planned will have the desired impact? Give us a call. At InSite we bring years of experience planning and facilitating corporate and team events of all kinds. Whether you are planning a full day strategic off-site, or a leadership retreat weekend, we have the tools and the experience to ensure your attendees get the most bang for whatever your ‘buck’ can be. Be ready to think outside the box, because we have led corporate and team events in the board room all the way to some of the most remote locations on the planet, from full AV capabilities to nothing but your kayak & rain jacket or hiking gear and food!

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Motivational Speaking

InSite founder Stan Peake has a long history of public speaking. Beginning with fitness lectures & seminars in 2001, to goal setting, achievement, success and purpose topics over the years following, Stan has been a presenter to high school and university students, to business and community members, and has done so in lecture halls to live television and radio. Stan brings unique strategy, unrivaled passion and energy, and decades of experience to any speaking engagement. Be sure to check out our promo video to the left or contact us today to find out more!

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